SHEIN’s Multi-Layer Approach to Supply Chain Management & Customs Compliance

 SHEIN does not own or operate any manufacturing facilities. Instead, we work with a network of third-party suppliers to manufacture products that carry the SHEIN brand. Before these third-party suppliers can work with SHEIN, they must agree to comply with applicable laws, including those prohibiting the use of forced labor.

Responsible Sourcing Program

SHEIN manages compliance amongst our third-party manufacturers through the SRS Program. The SRS Program is anchored by a Supplier Code of Conduct that all suppliers working with SHEIN must agree to abide by. The Code of Conduct defines violations, enforcement procedures and penalties, and allows for unannounced, on-site third-party audits. For the most severe violations, which includes the use of forced labor, SHEIN suspends the offending supplier immediately, and reserves the right to terminate the working relationship if the supplier fails to take appropriate remedies within 30 days.

Traceability System

For cotton products, to further enhance our compliance with U.S. laws, suppliers are only allowed to source from Australia, Brazil, India, the U.S., and other approved regions. SHEIN receives chain of custody documents from field to fabric. Suppliers that fail to provide the documents will be prevented from delivering their finished products for sale.

We have also developed a comprehensive traceability system that integrates chain of custody documents with our fabric and finished product suppliers, giving us visibility over the entire production process. At each important step of production, unique identifying codes are assigned, allowing us to trace the individual components to a finished garment.

Testing Regime

Our cotton traceability regime is bolstered by credible third-party validation. We routinely submit yarn and fabric samples from suppliers of SHEIN cotton products to Oritain, a global leader in radio-isotopic analysis and cotton testing, to provide independent testing and origin verification for raw cotton and products that contain cotton to help us ensure continued compliance with U.S. laws and regulations. Oritain has mapped over 90% of the world’s cotton to date, and their technology is trusted by companies such as Cotton USA.

Customs Compliance

Like our SRS Program, SHEIN utilizes technology and its in-house expertise to comply with relevant customs laws and regulations. SHEIN’s in-house customs team uses a Customs Compliance Guide drawn from a global list of customs laws and regulations to comply with customs, shipping, and commerce laws on a global scale.

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