SHEIN Launches SHEIN Exchange Resale Platform in Europe and the United Kingdom

The first phase of the launch will see the platform being made available in France followed by the UK, and Germany in subsequent phases.

SHEIN, a global online fashion and lifestyle retailer, has announced the extension of its SHEIN Exchange resale platform in Europe and the UK, with customers in France being the first in the region to have access to the platform.

SHEIN Exchange, an integrated online peer-to-peer resale platform to buy and sell previously owned SHEIN products, is launching across three of SHEIN’s markets in phases. Users in France can now access the SHEIN Exchange platform, with the resale platform to be made available in the UK and Germany in subsequent phases

With direct access through the existing SHEIN app, the SHEIN Exchange feature simplifies the product resale process through a streamlined interface that pre-populates a list of the SHEIN customer’s previous purchases and a button next to each that says “sell” – making the listing of products a quick and easy process. Likewise, SHEIN customers looking to explore pre-loved styles can use the search and filter tools within the platform to create more targeted search results of the pre-loved items available for sale.

The rollout of the SHEIN Exchange platform in Europe and the UK follows the launch of the resale platform in the U.S in October 2022. Since its launch, the platform has continued to attract new users and listings – in 2023, over 4.2 million new users signed up to join the SHEIN Exchange platform in the U.S, with over 115,000 pre-owned items listed for sale by over 95,000 unique sellers.

SHEIN’s Director of Sustainability, Caitrin Watson, said, “As a member of the World Circular Textiles Day community, we know that there is a lot of work to be done to achieve a fully circular textile future by 2050. SHEIN continues to integrate circular practices into our business model by increasing the use of recycled and rescued materials, while also designing platforms and programs to help extend the lifecycle of our products.”

“With the extension of our SHEIN Exchange platform into Europe and the UK, we hope to provide more of our global customer community with ways to easily participate in the circular economy and promote the environmental benefits of shopping second hand rather than buying new. As we extend SHEIN Exchange to new markets, we remain committed to gathering user feedback, and finding ways to improve this program and enhance the user experience on the platform.”

In a series of studies conducted in September 2023, SHEIN customers indicated a strong desire to integrate circular practices into their daily lives, with clothing donation and peer-to-peer resale online emerging as the respondents’ top two ways of participating in the circular fashion ecosystem.

The results also showed that nearly half of the respondents from the UK, France, Germany, and Brazil were motivated to buy second-hand clothing online because of their shared commitment to sustainability and circular fashion. The studies surveyed 3,500 customers across the U.S, Brazil, Mexico, the UK, France, and Germany to understand SHEIN customer preferences on engaging with circularity.