SHEIN Spotlight Program Supports Communities and Strengthens Educational and Family Opportunity

As a major global e-retailer, SHEIN strives to play an important role in supporting the communities where we work, source, and live. We pay close attention to developments throughout the supply chain and take our responsibilities to the world around us seriously. In 2021, we established a SHEIN Spotlight Program to empower families within the communities of suppliers we source from. 

SHEIN Spotlight provides financial supports to help communities through life’s biggest moments, and communities families in need due to financial hardship caused by major illnesses.

Since its inception, SHEIN Spotlight has awarded grants to over 14,000 participants in 178 communities. Over 137 families have benefitted, reaching 306 young people, including 253 school-aged children. In 2022, the program is projected to reach an additional 26,000 participants. SHEIN has also gathered a growing team of “Spotlight Ambassador” volunteers to spread the program’s reach, ensuring that it reaches those in need.

In addition, SHEIN launched The SHEIN Cares Fund in December 2021 with a multi-year goal of US$10 million to further empower entrepreneurs, help our communities thrive, and protect the environment. Since its inception, the SHEIN Cares Fund has donated over US$2million to many charities and philanthropic organizations around the world.


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