Our Strategy

We are expanding and refining our unique model globally to evolve our product offerings and better meet our customers’ needs. We are increasing value and choices for customers, while also enabling local businesses to grow with us by bringing them onto our platform.

Evolving Our Product Offerings

To meet customers’ diverse and evolving needs, we are continuing to expand the product categories on our marketplace beyond fashion and apparel to other categories, including home appliances and other home products.

By partnering with global brands and global multi-label boutiques to bring their products to our marketplace, we ensure customers have access to a greater variety of products, while continuing to enjoy the SHEIN shopping experience.

Growing Our Marketplace

Our marketplace offers products from third-party merchants and brands alongside SHEIN-branded products as we expand to meet increasing demands for product variety. We are rolling out our integrated marketplace model in Brazil, the U.S., Mexico and other regions, as well as onboarding additional third-party merchants and brands from around the world to meet customer needs.  

Our marketplace empowers merchants and brands to reach our global customer base via SHEIN’s website and app, furthering our commitment to empowering small businesses, entrepreneurs and communities. Third-party merchants and brands on our site can use SHEIN’s real-time insights and demand measurement capabilities, receiving access to SHEIN’s product performance and market intelligence dashboards. This insight enables them to react quickly to market trends and changes in customer demand.

Localizing Our Supply Chain

We are localizing our supply chain and bringing more of our business to the communities where we operate. We are increasingly engaging with supplier partners in several core geographies, including Brazil, the U.S., Turkey, and other regions, supporting local economies and creating jobs while creating value for our customers.

By engaging suppliers in these countries, we can shorten the distance between production locations and our customers – reducing delivery time, shipping costs, and our carbon footprint.

Empowering Independent Designers

SHEIN celebrates and supports independent designers around the world through the SHEIN platform, empowering emerging designers to build their own successful brands. 

SHEIN launched SHEIN X, an incubator program, to celebrate and support independent designers through the SHEIN platform. The program guides designers from product development, to manufacturing, to marketing and supply chain logistics. 

  • Since 2021, the SHEIN X incubator program has invested US$55million to empowering 3,000 designers and artists to bring their dreams to life.
  • The SHEIN X designers and their creations are promoted on our digital storefronts, our pop-ups, and our social media channels. 
  • SHEIN X designers retain all ownership of their designs.