SHEIN Teams up With Global Sellers and Brands to Launch Full Category Sales

SHEIN, a global integrated online marketplace of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle products, has announced a further expansion of its product categories through collaborations with selected global brands and third-party sellers, to fulfill customers’ increasing demands for diversified products. With the roll-out of SHEIN’s integrated marketplace, customers can now avail themselves of product categories that go beyond fashion and apparel, including categories like home appliances such as portable washing machines, smart home products like remote controlled lighting, and home DIY products like bathroom and kitchen fixtures and wallpaper.

SHEIN recently launched its global marketplace in Brazil and USA, allowing local third-party sellers to onboard to its marketplace and reach SHEIN’s extensive customer base. This not only allows SHEIN to meet the demands of customers for a much wider variety of products and categories but also a much quicker fulfillment time. Moving forward, SHEIN will continue to launch the marketplace model in other markets in the upcoming months.

SHEIN has also reached agreements with esteemed global brands to sell their products on its marketplace. Brands like Skechers, a leading footwear company known for its innovative designs, and Lansinoh, a trusted name in mother-care products, have all onboarded to SHEIN’s marketplace. Moreover, SHEIN is collaborating with prominent global multi-label boutiques to bring an extensive collection of fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands to its marketplace.

By introducing more global brands ensures that customers have access to a greater variety of products through SHEIN’s platform, while continuing to enjoy exclusive benefits such as quality assurance, 7-days free returns and competitive prices.

To celebrate this expansion into the full category, SHEIN has kicked off the Summer Sale campaign, where customers can shop across newly added categories with discounts of up to 90%.

“We are always committed to providing our customers with high-quality products at affordable prices, and our expansion into new categories reflects that,” said Molly Miao, COO of SHEIN. “Through our collaborations with these curated brands, we not only highlight the distinctive value of SHEIN’s newly launched marketplace, but also demonstrate our dedication to customer satisfaction and our mission to make fashion and lifestyle products accessible to everyone.”