Workplace Health and Safety Statement

SHEIN is committed to providing a healthy and safety work environment for all our employees, and to safeguarding workers’ rights under the law of the countries where it operates. SHEIN provides health and wellness support, which may take the form of trainings, benefits, and/or other resources, to its employees to promote awareness. SHEIN also works hard to identify potential risks to the health and safety of its staff and mitigate those risks in a timely manner with consideration of respected guidance on the given matter. 

SHEIN expects its Supplier Partners to likewise protect the health and safety of their workers and works to promote awareness within its supply chain. SHEIN requires Suppliers to operate in strict compliance with its Code of Conduct and with the local and national laws, rules, governmental orders and regulatory requirements wherein those Suppliers operate.

Suppliers must comply with all applicable health and safety laws, rules and regulations and shall provide a safe, hygienic and healthy workplace environment in compliance with all local and regional laws, and that promote accident prevention and minimize exposure to health and safety risks and take necessary measures to prevent employees from accidents and injuries arising out of, or related to, work in the course of their services including fire safety, sanitary facilities, access to potable water, adequate lighting, ingress and egress and safe ventilation. Supplier Partners should encourage employees to report all accidents, injuries, unsafe or hazardous working conditions and a mechanism to alert Supplier Partners’ management before performing tasks if the work is considered unsafe.  Supplier Partners must also ensure that the same standards of health and safety are applied in any housing provided to employees. 

Supplier Partners’ employees who handle chemicals, waste and hazardous wastes should be properly trained in how to deal with substances and the potential hazards the material presents if mismanaged or released to the worker and environment. Supplier Partners should use permitted transporters and haulers that have a positive record of operating safely and complying with applicable transportation laws and best management practices.

Last updated September 2022