Denim Goes Water-less

Traditional denim production methods require gallons and gallons of water

Denim fabric has to be dyed dark blue – a process that requires lots of water – before then being washed out with stone or acid washing and sand blasting to produce the aged denim effect that we know and love. Manufacturers also have to create costly and non-recyclable molds for each new print pattern.

Reducing the water footprint of denim through innovation

In 2021, SHEIN partnered with NTX® and adopted an alternative denim production method: Cool Transfer Printing. Using this technology, a digital printer can stimulate the effects of washing denim instantaneously – without the need for traditional washing processes that are water-intensive!

By using Cool Transfer Printing, SHEIN’s suppliers have produced denim using 70.5% less water compared to traditional denim apparel washing methods, as verified by Bureau Veritas in October 2023.

Producing denim that is stylish and more sustainable, on-demand

In addition to using significantly less water, Cool Transfer Printing also allows designers to create incredible denim designs with a variety of colours and style accents. They can then print the pattern onto the denim fabric directly using a digital printer and reactive ink.

SHEIN has integrated the Cool Transfer Printing technology into our agile supply chain, allowing these denim pieces to be produced on-demand. Shoppers can enjoy a wide range of denim products in different colours and designs, all at affordable prices.

SHEIN is committed to using innovation to enhance our technology, with the goal of developing more sustainable production processes. By reinventing the way we make jeans, we are one step closer to our goal.