New SHEIN Indiana Facility to Generate an Expected $175 Million Per Year in Economic Impact to Local Region

Whitestown, Indiana, September 15, 2022–SHEIN, a global online retailer of fashion, beauty and lifestyle products, today announced the results of a study conducted by Kyle Anderson, Ph.D., an economist at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business, of the impact of the company’s new warehouse in Whitestown, Indiana on the economy of Boone County, Indiana, as well as surrounding counties. Findings state that the facility will generate $175 million per year to the local Whitestown, Indianapolis-area economy, once fully operational, and will include the creation of more than 1,000 jobs by the end of 2022 and more than 1,400 by the end of 2025.

To put this significant impact in perspective, central Indiana’s hosting of the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament brings in an estimated $46.5 million per year to the region and Gen Con, the national gaming convention in Indianapolis, brings in an estimated $57 million per year. 

“SHEIN’s impact will be felt beyond their satisfied customer base,” said Governor Eric J. Holcomb. “The anticipated economic impact is only part of the SHEIN story. Equally as exciting, SHEIN will improve the quality of place and life for Hoosiers in Boone County by offering quality employment, more opportunities and future growth in the community.”

SHEIN’s anticipated expansion of the Indiana facility, which projects more than 1,400 employees to be hired by the end of 2025, would increase the total employment impact in the region to approximately 2,300 jobs. In addition, this growth would contribute to an estimated $230 million of economic value add per year by 2025.

“SHEIN’s substantial investment in Indiana will create hundreds of new jobs for Hoosiers and will have a significant economic impact on Boone County,” said U.S. Congressman Jim Baird (IN-04). “As SHEIN expands their U.S. presence, I’m glad they’ve chosen to call America’s heartland home, and I look forward to the positive impacts their presence in Boone County will have on our community.”

SHEIN’s employment of more than 1,000 new workers in 2022 will have a substantial impact on the size of the economy in the city and county, as the average hourly wages for warehouse employees (estimated to be around $19.68) are in line with or slightly above the average wage for the industry in Boone County, and more than double the minimum wage of $7.25 an hour in Indiana.

“The report illustrates SHEIN’s commitment to establishing itself as a productive and popular employer in the region. The economic impacts to Boone County, central Indiana and the state are significant,” said Adam Berry, Indiana Chamber of Commerce Vice President of Economic Development and Technology. “SHEIN is an example of a company going ‘all in’ on Indiana. This state is a great place to do business but equally important are those who choose to do business in Indiana. As the report shows, SHEIN’s profitability is designed to improve the economic outlook for its employees, partners and the state for years to come.”

The facility in Whitestown will serve as SHEIN’s main distribution hub in the Midwest, serving U.S. customers and reducing the need for international shipping and handling. The facility is located surrounding Interstate 65 in Indiana, a main thoroughfare which serves as a connecting highway between Indianapolis and Chicago. This makes the facility an ideal location for SHEIN’s distribution in the U.S., and an addition to the company’s growing U.S. presence, which includes Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. area offices.  

“We’re very grateful to the state of Indiana and Boone County for allowing us to call Whitestown home,” said Chuck Cornwell, General Manager of SHEIN’s Whitestown facility. “We know that the success of our facility goes beyond employment, and SHEIN is building more than just a warehouse; we are building a community. That’s why I’m also proud that our facility will offer not just competitive wages, but multiple employee benefits and offerings that will add great value to the region and people’s lives.” 

To learn more about the economic impact of the Whitestown facility, view the complete study here


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