SHEIN X Designer Incubator Program Launches in Japan

100 SHEIN X Designers in Japan to be onboarded by end 2024

SHEIN, a global online fashion and lifestyle retailer, has announced the official launch of its SHEIN X Designer Incubator Program in Japan. For the first time, local and foreign designers based in Japan will be eligible to join the global program, which has kickstarted the fashion careers of nearly 3,000 designers and artists.

Breaking into the fashion industry and launching collections to a global audience can be challenging, requiring substantial investment, extensive connections, and a trustworthy and efficient logistics system.

Through the SHEIN X Designer Incubator Program, SHEIN has reimagined this process, offering its on-demand production model, wide-ranging fabric libraries, innovative supply chain technologies, in-depth marketing and publicity support, extensive global logistics system and engaged global audience to empower aspiring designers on their journey to launch global collections.

The Japan registration website for the SHEIN X Designers Incubator Program was launched in November for Japanese and locally-based foreign designers to register their interest to participate in the program.

All SHEIN X designers are guided through the end-to-end production process, from product development, to manufacturing, to marketing and supply chain logistics, and are offered classes, mentorship and unique tools such as SHEIN’s real-time analytics suite, which they can use to respond to up-to-the-minute consumer demands. The program also funds the production and logistics process, ensuring that designers do not undertake all the financial risk or burden of producing and launching their fashion collections.

Additionally, SHEIN X designers in Japan will have their collections displayed at the SHEIN Tokyo Showroom, SHEIN’s versatile experiential space in Harajuku, Tokyo.

In September 2023, SHEIN announced an injection of an additional US$50 Million into the SHEIN X Designer Incubator Program, bringing its total investment in the program to US$105 Million till 2028. Since launching in January 2021, the SHEIN X program has grown from only seven to nearly 3,000 designers and artists from over 20 countries, launching more than 25,000 original creations to global audience.